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Out of the Burrow: Appearing in LIT UP! Orange County

LIT UP! book logoI’ll be one of two authors featured in the special first-anniversary edition of LIT UP! Orange County 7-9 p.m. on 19 May at Kean Coffee, 13681 Newport Ave #14, Tustin.

LIT UP! is a monthly literary salon sponsored by Pure Fiction League, the critique group I’ve belonged to since the last Ice Age. In it, 2-3 authors read an excerpt from their work, answer questions from the moderator (the dynamic Maddie Margarita, who’s grown this event from the seedling stage) and the audience, and ask questions of the audience about the reading or their adventures in reading or writing.

The other author this time around? Caitlin Rother, Pulitzer Prize-nominated, New York Times-bestselling true-crime writer.

This will be the first public appearance of Fake, my work-in-progress. The reception may tell me whether it’s the last.

It’s free except for the coffee. Drop in if you’re in the neighborhood.