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The new face of The Collection

Final cover for The CollectionThis is the final cover for The Collection.

It’s surprising how consistently this version was the first pick for the people I asked, including my favorite indie bookstore owner. It reminds me of 1960s Saul Bass movie posters — appropriate, since Matt (Our Hero) likes old films. For this I have to credit Alisha at Damonza.com. I didn’t tell her to do this, but now that I look again at the list of examples I gave her, I see things pointing in this general direction. This concept will be fairly easy to adapt to future books so the entire series has a unified look.

I’ll put The Collection on pre-order once I get the final art deliverables from Damonza. I’m still aiming at the 31 October-15 November timeframe for release depending on when everything comes together.

I hope you like the cover — you probably helped choose it!

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