Cover image for DOHA 12Jake Eldar’s and Miriam Schaffer’s names may kill them.

Jake manages a bookstore in Brooklyn. Miriam is a secretary at a Philadelphia law firm. Both grew up in Israel and emigrated to build new lives in America. Neither knows the other exists…until the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad uses their identities in an operation to assassinate a high-ranking Hezbollah commander in Doha, Qatar.

Now Hezbollah plans to kill them both.

Jake, Miriam and ten other innocents in five countries — the Doha 12 — awake to find their identities stolen and their lives caught between Mossad and Hezbollah in an international game of murder and reprisal. Jake stumbles upon Hezbollah’s plot but can’t convince the police it exists. When his wife is murdered in a botched hit meant for him, Jake and Miriam try desperately to outrun and outfight their pursuers while shielding Jake’s young daughter from the killers on their trail.

Hezbollah, however, has a fallback plan: hundreds of people will die if Jake and Miriam survive.

Inspired by actual events, Doha 12 will sweep you from the suburbs of Beirut and Tel Aviv to a pulse-pounding climax in the wintry streets of Manhattan as Jake and Miriam race along the thin, faded gray line between good and bad, hero and villain, truth and lies.

What the Reviewers Say

Doha 12 is an exciting and hard-to-put-down read of fiction, not to be overlooked.” — Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch


Doha 12 is a “…breathtaking cat and mouse pursuit…an action-packed thriller in which one exciting climax follows another.” — Ellis Shuman, The Times of Israel


Doha 12 will have you riveted from beginning to end…Mr. Charnes has beaten James Patterson in all categories…be one of the first discoverers of an exceptional writer.” — Seeley James, author of the Sabel Security thriller series


“The story is totally compelling and believable, but the thing that makes this thriller stand out is that — unlike many others in this genre — Doha 12 has heart…” — William Davis, author of Black Karma


“Fast-paced action-packed psychological thriller that takes the reader on an emotional journey across the globe. I would love to read more…” — Juniper Grove


“It’s not often I read a suspenseful thriller that is also realistic and thought-provoking. The main characters are believable, interesting, and even the good guys have faults and make mistakes…” — Mickey Hoffman, author of Deadly Traffic


“This is an exceptionally assured, polished, powerful and insightful work of fiction…if it had been published by Big Publishing, I believe it would have been a best seller!” — Girls with Guns

Download the first five chapters of Doha 12 -or- preview it in the Kindle reader.

Bonus material: extra chapters and a conversation with the author.

Published 2012. ISBN: 978-0-9886903-0-1 (paperback); 978-0-9886903-2-5 (ePub)


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