3D view of ZRADA paperbackCarson sets Ukraine on fire!

A brutal betrayal leaves ex-cop Carson far inside war-torn eastern Ukraine with a suitcase full of cash and a huge target on her back. Now she has to survive the only way out.

Read the start of the DeWitt Agency Adventures series.

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What Reviewers Say...

Diane Donovan
Midwest Book Review Bookwatch

The Collection is "...a multi-faceted, well-detailed story that's hard to put down and highly recommended for detective story and intrigue readers looking for something refreshingly original..."

DP Lyle
Award-winning author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper thriller series

Zrada is "...a breakneck tale where enemies and friends are often indistinguishable and the heroine’s life is literally minute-to-minute. Highly recommended."

Ellis Shuman
The Times of Israel

Doha 12 is a "...breathtaking cat-and-mouse pursuit...an action-packed thriller in which one exciting climax follows another."

About Lance

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Photo by Jonathan Clark

Lance Charnes has been an Air Force intelligence officer, information technology manager, computer-game artist, set designer, and Jeopardy! contestant, and is now an emergency management specialist. He’s had training in architectural rendering, terrorist incident response, and maritime archaeology, though not all at the same time. His Facebook author page features spies, archaeology, and art crime.

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