Chasing Clay in Beta

Yes, IChasing Clay cover image know. I never call, I never write.

Beta readers are the folks who get to read the book after the worst problems have been worked out but before it’s ready for publication. Don’t envy them too much — they have questions to answer and have to put up with parts of the story that still don’t work as well as they might.

Several beta readers have sent back their comments. Chasing Clay is undergoing some renovations. I expect they’ll eventually make the story stronger. In the meantime, its guts are spread all over my computer’s virtual floor.

I’m still aiming for a fall release.

Also: I may be renovating the Burrow before Chasing Clay comes on the market. If you come here and see weirdness, it’s probably construction work and not a hacking. (Though it could be a hacking. You never know.)

Stay tuned…

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