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#1 — ZRADA

A brutal betrayal leaves ex-cop Carson far inside war-torn eastern Ukraine with a suitcase full of cash and a huge target on her back. Now she has to survive the only way out.


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Carson has to find the wayward daughter of a Russian cabinet minister and send her home. Thrown head-first into the summer flesh pits of the Costa del Sol, Carson’s soon dancing a fine line between killer raves and raving killers.



Dunya’s cute little nose scrunches. “What are you? You’re not from here.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re healthy.”

It took Carson almost two years of working for Rodievsky and Allyson to figure out how to explain what she does without inviting a lot of unwanted questions. “I fix things.”

“Okay.” Dunya waits a few beats. “What kinds of things?”

“Things that need fixing.”

From Zrada

Carson used to have a life. She had friends, a husband, and her dream job as a detective for the Toronto Police Services. Then a crooked superior framed her for a corruption rap, her husband turned out to be a serial cheat, and her father didn’t pay back the millions he borrowed from Gennady Rodievsky, a Russian mafiya godfather.

Now Carson (that’s only one of her names) answers to two masters. Allyson DeWitt, owner of the DeWitt Agency, assigns her to projects that “fill needs” for not-always-honest people and organizations who can afford the agency’s services. Rodievsky — the criminal she tried to take down as a detective — sends her on “errands” that enhance his power or cash flow. With every project and errand, a bit more of her father’s debt disappears… as does another piece of her soul.

Carson’s been fighting ever since she was born. She’s survived brutal training that helps her deal with people who cross her. But she’s also intensely loyal once you earn her trust. If she makes you a promise, she’ll keep it — no matter what it costs.

Follow Carson as she shuttles around the world, dealing with friends and enemies, victims and tormentors, fighting to do the right thing in places where even the right thing may be wrong. Someday she may pay off her debts, work out her demons, and be free of a life that can kill her in an instant… but will there be anything left of her when she does?