Cover image for ENGAÑOGun oil and sunscreen don’t mix.

Disgraced ex-cop Carson is working off the big loans her father failed to pay back to a Russian mafiya godfather. So when the mobster asks her to round up Viktoriya Baranova, the wayward daughter of a Russian cabinet minister, Carson doesn’t get to say “no.”

It should be easy. Viktoriya’s splashed all over Instagram as she parties along Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Find her, toss her on an airplane, and send her home to Daddy: no problem, and a chunk of Carson’s debt disappears.

As Carson plunges into the lifestyles of the rich and idle, the world starts going to hell around her. She’s tailed by gangsters. Drug dealers start dying around Viktoriya and her friends. When a hit team tries to kill them all, Carson realizes Viktoriya’s posse is up to way more than scoring likes on social media.

From the megaclubs of Ibiza to the vineyards of Barcelona, Carson’s dancing a fine line between killer raves and raving killers…and the music’s about to stop. Carson has to discover whether anything about Viktoriya is true, or if it’s all a deception – what the locals call engaño.

Download the first four chapters of Engaño.

Engaño is available for pre-order and will release worldwide on 30 September 2021.

Bonus material: Downloadable cast list; pictures of the vehicles, weapons, and settings; and a conversation with the author.

Published 2021. ISBN: 978-1-7333989-3-0 (paperback); 978-1-7333989-4-7 (ePub)


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