Cover for ZRADATwo priceless paintings. Two million euros. A civil war. What could go wrong?

The DeWitt Agency assigned disgraced ex-cop Carson a simple job: carry two briefcases of cash to swap for two artworks stolen from a German museum. Except nothing’s simple in the Donbass, the breakaway Ukrainian region overrun by militias, warlords, and bandits.

After a brutal zrada — betrayal — Carson finds herself alone and hunted forty miles behind the front lines with half the money, one of the paintings, and a huge target hung on her back. The militia behind the exchange thinks she blew up their deal and wants the money and her hide. Her co-workers were in on the double-cross. And the Agency can’t send help into the hottest war in Europe.

Carson’s never been one to wait to be rescued. She hires Galina — a tough local with a harrowing past and a taste for revenge — to help her cut through every checkpoint, freelance army, crooked cop, and firefight between her and the West. But the road to safety is long and poorly paved. A vengeful militia commander, a Russian special-forces operator with an agenda, and her own ex-colleagues have Carson in their crosshairs.

Carson’s life is now worth less than a suitcase of money or paint on a plank…but if they want to take it from her, she’s going to make them pay.

What the Reviewers Say

“A breakneck tale where enemies and friends are often indistinguishable and the heroine’s life is literally minute-to-minute. Highly recommended.” — DP Lyle, award-winning author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper thriller series


Five starsZrada is a non-stop fight-to-the-finish filled with guns, gore, and glory. Carson is strong, determined, focused, and driven to win…I am sure there will be more non-stop action for her in the future.” Looks at Books


Five stars“A very gripping, involving read which quickly engaged me emotionally. The narrative pace itself is quite fast… Vivid, realistic and well-realized action scenes are one of this author’s fortes.” — Girls with Guns

Download the first three chapters of Zrada.

Bonus material: Downloadable cast list and map; pictures of the art, vehicles, and weapons; and a conversation with the author.

Published 2020. ISBN: 978-1-7333989-1-6 (paperback); 978-1-7333989-2-3 (ePub)


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