Doha 12 Locales: Carroll Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

After the three-way shootout in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, Our Heroes Jake Eldar and Miriam Schaffer flee the city. Jake convinces his uncle Gene – an NYPD inspector and deputy commander of the Intelligence Division – to shelter them in an NYPD safe house.

Brick townhouse
Townhouse used as NYPD safe house in Doha 12.

The safe house is on this stretch of Carroll Street. In the photo above, it’s the one with the black cornice to the left of the bow-front townhouse. (If this is your house, sorry; I had to put it somewhere. I washed the linens when we were done.) (If you’re a Mob hitman, take note: this isn’t really an NYPD safe house. I’m serious.)

This block of Carroll is a nice, quiet residential street surrounded by many others within walking distance of the commercial strip on Norstrand. Nearly all the buildings are townhouses or older apartment complexes. There’s a sizable population of Hasidim nearby, something I didn’t know until I went there – after Doha 12 was written and substantially edited, otherwise I’d have made some use of that fact.

Entrance to service alley
West end of service alley behind NYPD safe house in Doha 12

Service alleys run along the length of these blocks, providing access to garages and back gates. The picture above shows the view eastbound along the alley running behind the safe house. This is the view Refael Gur (leader of the Mossad team chasing the Hezbollah team chasing Jake and Miriam) has when he follows Gene Eldar to the house.

Sohrab – one of the Hezbollah team members – uses the brick apartment building on the right side of the photo as a sniper’s perch when he and his colleagues attack the safe house.

Doha 12 is coming this December on Kindle and trade paperback, and on Nook and Kobo in the spring.

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