Doha 12 Locales: Temple Emanu-El, New York City

Temple Emanu-El facade
Temple Emanu-El, Manhattan (photo by Martin & Julia)

I want to take a brief break from the sturm und drang about South and its version of 2032 to show you a couple of the more interesting settings used in Doha 12. I’d like to start with Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Emanu-El houses the first Reform congregation in New York City, founded in 1845. The present synagogue went up across the street from Central Park in 1928 and is the largest Reform temple in the world. It’s quite impressive from the outside – more like a basilica than the usual low-slung synagogue – and a beautiful space inside. Take a look at the temple’s virtual tour to get a good idea of what the sanctuary looks like.

I picked Emanu-El for the action-filled climax of Doha 12 entirely for the aesthetics – it makes for a beautiful picture.

Look at the pictures and let me know if you think I chose wisely.

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