New covers for the DeWitt Agency Files

The covers for all three books in the DeWitt Agency Files series are now new and improved! Check it out…

Cover image for THE COLLECTION Cover image for STEALING GHOSTS Cover image for CHASING CLAY




Why change? I’ve been puzzled why so many readers of cozy mysteries were buying The Collection, and why so few of them went on to the other DeWitt books. Someone finally pointed out that covers with graphic art (things that look drawn, like the old DeWitt covers) say “cozy” to the average reader. Photo-based covers say “not cozy.” Check it out: look at the Amazon Top 100 cozy mysteries page. Now look at the Top 100 International Crime & Mystery books. See the difference?

Will it work? We’ll see in the coming weeks. If sales pick up, this was a good move. If they don’t…well, we’ll cross that rickety bridge when we come to it.

Click on the covers to go to the book pages. If you haven’t checked out the bonus materials yet, give them a try. There’s some good stuff in there.

UPDATE (14 Oct 2022):

It’s taken a while, but I’m getting more full-series purchases than I ever did before the cover change. Something must be working. Patterson doesn’t have anything to worry about yet, but more sales are always better.

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