Mossad Looking for a Few Good Spies

Doha 12 - Your name can kill you

  It had to happen: the Mossad, Israel’s answer to the CIA, is taking applications online. According to Israeli daily Yediot Aharanot, if you’re one of those “challenge-loving people,” you’re “needed for an interesting, unconventional and dynamic position.” It involves “short and numerous trips abroad” as well as an “unconventional…

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Intelligence vs. Spies

Stazione Centrale, Milan, 2007

spy  (spi) NOUN: pl. spies  (spiz) An agent employed by a state to obtain secret information, especially of a military nature, concerning its potential or actual enemies. One employed by a company to obtain confidential information about its competitors. One who secretly keeps watch on another or others. (American Heritage…

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