I’ve Joined the Criminal Element: Continuum

Criminal Element, a mystery/thriller/crime site run by Macmillan, has just posted the first of what I hope will be several articles written by…me.

Continuum: Future Cop on Today’s Beat

Continuum, SyFy’s latest series (U.S. debut on January 14), drops a cop and some villains from the future into 2012 and asks: what could possibly go wrong? Multiple things, although perhaps not all of them were intended by producer Simon Barry.

The setup: lissome brunette Keira Cameron (American model/actress Rachel Nichols) is a “Protector”—cop—in the Vancouver of 2077. She has the requisite adorable young son and to-be-expected weasel-businessman husband (John Reardon). The world is run by corporations, which took over after “the governments went belly-up.” (I thought this was supposed to be set in the future…)

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