Movie Minute – The November Man — 3 Comments

  1. I thought this movie was a great example of how NOT to make a spy thriller. Mr. Brosnan was a bit old for the role, his 12-yr-old daughter should have been listed as his granddaughter. Despite surgery and botox he looks 61 and a bit more. The clues in this flick were telegraphed with a bullhorn and other bits stretched credibility. Yet the story, and it always comes down to the story, was quite good. I’ll probably read the book. But you said it well, “…you could do worse” (Snakes on a Plane? 🙂

    Peace, Seeley

    • Brosnan’s almost old enough to show up in The Expendables 4.

      I wish the producers had managed to find an age-appropriate playmate for Our Hero. Even Mediha Musliovic, who played lost-love Natalia, is only 39. Of course, that would have required an almost-complete rewrite. Oh, well.

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