Murder Most Aussie: City Homicide

City Homicide promo sheetI’m back at play with the Criminal Element, this time with a look at the Australian police series City Homicide.

Why don’t we ever hear about Australian crime dramas? All nations have crime. They all experience murder. If their local film industries have advanced beyond talking heads and news, you can be sure they’ll make TV shows about crime and murder and the cops who have to deal with it… Down under, the characters speak English (of a sort) and the Australian criminal justice system isn’t any more exotic than the British one. Their police officers even carry guns. Get the accents sorted, and you can see that their cop shows are just as worthy as American ones… if you can find them.

Case in point: City Homicide…

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2 thoughts on “Murder Most Aussie: City Homicide

  1. Seeley James Reply

    I loved Rake! So I’ll try something a bit more earthy. And yes, I’m tired of NYC and LA being the only cities featured on TV. Thanks for the idea.

    • Lance C. Post authorReply

      Hulu has a raft of Aussie cop shows. Keep an eye out over coming weeks — I’ll be reviewing more of them on Criminal Element.

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