Murder U.S.A., a mystery anthology

Murder U.S.A. anthology coverExcerpts from both Doha 12 and South are featured in Murder U.S.A., a new anthology of  excerpts from new and established mystery/thriller authors now available free wherever ebooks are sold.

In Washington, D.C., an image on the screen of a cell phone connects a nationwide terror threat with an unknown anthrax researcher… In Kansas City, Missouri a young woman has disappeared without a trace… At the U.S./Mexico border, desperate travelers risk their very lives to head south…

Murder U.S.A. is a compilation of excerpts from thirty-one full-length crime fiction novels. Each mystery, thriller, or suspense novel in the collection is set somewhere in the United States; together, the collection offers a “murder tour of the nation” to readers of all sub-genres of crime fiction. Organized by setting and labeled by sub-genre, the collection features romantic suspense, cozy mystery, legal and corporate thriller, paranormal mystery, historical mystery, dystopian suspense, near-future thriller, medical mystery, traditional mystery, political procedural, hard-boiled/noir, international thriller, and psychological suspense.

Murder U.S.A. is available from the following:


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