New Cover for Doha 12

Cover image for Doha 12
Cover art by Damonza

Yesterday I received the official cover proof for Doha 12 (at left). Getting the final art deliverables is the last step before launch.

Damonza is the cover artist, in case you’d like to check out his other work.

The new art will work its way into other graphics related to the book (such as the page banner here) over the next few days.

All is still on track for a 23 December launch. Not only does this have Doha 12 out for the post-Christmas e-book buying frenzy, but the date itself is significant to the story. It will initially be available for Kindle and in trade paperback, then for Nook, Kobo and other e-readers in the spring.

What do you think of the cover? Would it catch your eye on Amazon or in a bookstore?

One thought on “New Cover for Doha 12

  1. Mickey Reply

    I do like the cover. You’re cutting it close on the 23rd, but for Kindle owners like me, it’s fine. I’m waiting for it.

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