South Coming True: “Paid Off”

I haven’t been posting “South Tech Today” and “News from the Future” for a while because that’s now called “the front page of the newspaper.” However, this article in the Washington Post is (a) too absurd for even me to think of it while writing South, and (b) too perfect as a harbinger of the coming of South’s world.

Scene from the TruTV game show
A scene from “Paid Off” (John Nowak/TruTV)

Actor and comedian Michael Torpey has created a game show on TruTV called “Paid Off.” It follows the usual trivia-question format of other game shows. However, as reported in the Post:

Contestants — most are in their late 20s or early 30s — must be carrying college debt to appear on the show. (Some of their loads run as high as $50,000.) Depending on how many questions the winner answers in a speed round, the show will pay up to 100 percent of those loans, with TruTV footing the bill.”

Read the entire article here.

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