Building the Future

NOTE: This post originally appeared on Novel Travelist on 27 Jan 2014. Sadly, Novel Travelist is going away. I’m reposting here so the information will live on after that site disappears. With Google, Flickr, YouTube and all the rest, you can get a pretty good idea of what other places…

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Doha 12 Locales: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Doha 12 - Your name can kill you

The penultimate showdown in Doha 12—a three-way gun battle between Our Heroes Jake and Miriam, the Hezbollah team out to kill them, and the Mossad team out to kill Hezbollah—takes place at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. Green-Wood, now a National Historic Landmark, is 478 acres of green set between Park Slope…

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