Welcome to My Website

After a lot of trepidation, I’ve decided to climb aboard the blog treadmill. I’ve resisted for a long time because there hasn’t been any lack of other things to occupy my time. However, I now have some extra time on my hands (not by choice) and after having been told by 1,632,824 blog posts that I need to maintain a blog if I plan to have any success as a writer, well, here it is.

I’m going to try as best I can to avoid the whole wannabe-writer-writing-about-writing trap that’s so turned me off. So while a good deal of what will show up here will be a discussion of issues posed by my research, expect wild diversions into other subjects at times. If you need a definition of “wild diversions,” try this from https://twitter.com/lcharnes: “Former lots of things. Current would-be author. Interests: writing, travel, scuba diving, marine archaeology, art crime.” I’ll see if I can post once or twice a week.

I’ll usually open my posts to comments, as this is one of the reasons to have a blog in the first place. By the very nature of the books I write, some of these posts will involve politics (it’s hard to do international intrigue without it). I understand this brings out the ogres and trolls.

I hope you’ll find something here that interests you. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.