The Honourable Woman: Trapped Inside the Feedback Loop

[It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything even remotely related to my international thriller Doha 12, but this certainly qualifies. It also marks my return to Criminal Element after a long hiatus. Enjoy.]

Like the Cold War, the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the dramatist’s gift that keeps on giving. Nowhere else can an author, screenwriter or filmmaker find such a stew of moral ambiguity, seething hatreds, political misbehavior, skullduggery, conflicting loyalties, and flat-out bad behavior in which to marinate his or her stories. It’s nearly impossible to overcook a plot set against this backdrop; real life is always more outlandish and extreme.

The limited-run series The Honourable Woman, a BBC2/SundanceTV co-production, is the latest entry in the long list of films and TV shows to mine that particular vein of pitch-black paranoia ironically known as the Holy Land…

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