Identity Crisis

My previous work, Identity, is nearly through the Pure Fiction League critique group I belong to, and is out to agents on query. As I think about publication, I’ve run into a problem: its title.

I found no less than 23 books entitled Identity in Amazon before I stopped looking, including the one by Milan Kundera (no pressure there). I didn’t even bother counting occurrences of Identity Crisis. So from a marketing standpoint, Identity has some identity challenges no matter how it’s published.

So I started trying to think of other equally-valid-but-less-used titles. These are some I’ve either scraped up myself or have been suggested to me, listed in order by my decreasing level of enchantment with them; none show up in Amazon.

Doha 12
The Qatari File
No Cover
Identity Gambit
The Qatari List
First Candle

Based on the description on the Identity page and perhaps the sample chapters, any thoughts?

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