Mossad Looking for a Few Good Spies


Mossad seal, from Wikimedia Commons

It had to happen: the Mossad, Israel’s answer to the CIA, is taking applications online.

According to Israeli daily Yediot Aharanot, if you’re one of those “challenge-loving people,” you’re “needed for an interesting, unconventional and dynamic position.” It involves “short and numerous trips abroad” as well as an “unconventional lifestyle.” Still, they have positions available in these areas:

  • Special assignments
  • Intelligence
  • Computers & technology
  • Staff and languages
  • Resources and logistics
  • Security
  • Student jobs
  • Soldiers and National Service

None of which is exactly news, but it feels about as wrong as the CIA recruiting at job fairs. Aren’t you supposed to get a discreet tap on the shoulder at your alumni dinner and have to go to an abandoned warehouse to fill out the application?

In case you decide to sign up, the Mossad wants you to know that “the admittance process includes a psychological and security appraisal.” And just in case you’re doing this to have a good story to tell at the bar: “Applicants are required to maintain discretion regarding contact with the Mossad.”

Chaim Orgad shakes his head in amazement.

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