On the Road to South

In case you’ve been wondering (a) why the Burrow has been so quiet lately, and (b) what’s happening with South, you’re in luck: the answer is the same for both questions.

South cover candidate 1
South cover candidate #1

I’m on final approach with editing South. It’s made its way through the beta-reader python. I’ve sorted out the often wildly-varying comments, incorporated the edits that seem to work the best, and I’m on my way through the last pre-press readthrough. This is also the point where (as happened with Doha 12) I start to wonder who’s going to want to read this thing. That part, we’ll find out soon.

Want to know how it reads? I’ve put up an excerpt on South’s page.

I’ve also been harrying my wizard cover artist, Damon at

South cover candidate 2
South cover candidate #2

Damonza.com, with my art direction of his cover concepts. I’m down to two, which I’ve included here. Leave a comment to let me know if you have any preference for either, and, perhaps, why.

Launch still appears possible for the beginning of November. Stay tuned for further developments.

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