What happened to Identity?

It’s transformed into Doha 12.

Back in this post, I mentioned the problem with using Identity as a title: too many other people had the same idea. I found 24 other books named Identity in Amazon without even looking hard. Which posed the dilemma: what do I call it?

I posed the question here and in other forums (and even with actual humans!), trying out up to a half-dozen different titles, and of course the results were all over the map. Doha 12 was both praised as being right on and condemned as being too obscure. For all that, it was the only proposed title that got the thumbs-up from more than one or two people. It also passed my two requirements: (a) it doesn’t show up umpteen times in Amazon; and (b) it doesn’t sound like a bad Ludlum ripoff.

Why all the fuss for something a publisher will probably want to change? Two reasons:

  • I suspect a less-than-memorable title hasn’t helped the novel’s cause in the query-go-round. Love it or hate it, Doha 12 is certainly unique and memorable.
  • If I end up self-publishing (which I’d rather not do, but it’s a viable option now), I need a title I can market without flacking two dozen other books as well.

What do you think? Is this change an improvement, or did I dork things up even more?

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