Zrada now in beta

Cover mockup for ZRADA
Not really the cover. Damonza’s working on the real one.

Beta readers now have Zrada in their (virtual) hands. I expect to see the first results within the next few days.

This is always a time of mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, getting here means I’m almost done. On the other hand, what if I’ve been buried so deep in this thing for almost a year that I can’t tell if it’s a steaming pile of goose dung? It usually isn’t (the dung’s usually sun-bleached and dry), but we authors are always a bit sensitive about what outsiders will think of our imaginary friends.

I now also have to consider the madness of launching a new book into the mess we live in. I’m sure the sales of Chasing Clay have suffered because one of my prime selling opportunities — personal appearances — has completely dissolved. What will I do with Zrada? No idea yet.

In the meantime, I’m starting to gather ideas about what to do for Carson’s next adventure. Stay tuned…

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