The Collection is Coming out of Storage

Remember The Collection? The first installment in my new DeWitt Agency art-crime series? Yeah, maybe not so much. What happened to that, anyway? What happened is that I started querying agents, a process that hasn’t improved since the last time I did it (for Doha 12). I got one request…

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Publishing the Second Time Around, on Murder Lab

The Murder Lab blog just put up Part 1 of The Second Time Around, my accounting of what the second-time publishing experience was like for me. Some things changed, some didn’t, and as in life, it wasn’t always the right things that changed or stayed the same. If you’re interested…

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On the Road to South


In case you’ve been wondering (a) why the Burrow has been so quiet lately, and (b) what’s happening with South, you’re in luck: the answer is the same for both questions. I’m on final approach with editing South. It’s made its way through the beta-reader python. I’ve sorted out the…

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